BLIND SPOT DETECTION 2.0 is equipped with interior LED indicators for audio and visual alerts that is activated with the new added rear cross traffic feature which senses vehicles approaching while in reverse as well as the standard vehicles, people or objects entering the blind spot of the vehicle.

Key Features
  • Standard driving Blind Spot alerts are shown when other vehicles, people or objects enter the Blind spot of the vehicle
  • Equipped with Rear Cross Traffic which alerts the driver of vehicles approaching from the left or right while in reverse
  • Blind spot radar sensors located behind the bumper for simplified professional installation
  • Blind Spot adjustable Speed activation is set to a standard of 20mph and built-in the modules GPS Technology
  • Audible & Visual LED indicator alerts
  • Waterproof IP67 rated
  • 3 year warranty

**Will not work on vehicles with a metal bumper**